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Recalibration and Repairs

Apogee Instruments recommends recalibrating all sensors every two years. You may wish to wait longer between recalibration cycles depending on your particular requirements. To determine if recalibration is necessary for pyranometers and quantum sensors, visit our information on the Clear Sky Calculator. For information on Apogee's secondary standard, first class, and second class thermopile pyranometer calibration services, please visit thermopile pyranometer calibration services.

To send your sensor in for recalibration/repair, please fill out the RMA Form with your request. Or, email technical support with your request, include the model and serial number(s) with a brief description of your request. For broken sensors, describe the nature of the malfunction.

   *Model and serial numbers are found on a white label on sensor cables, the back-side of meters, or the underside or back of spectroradiometers.

Once you’ve been issued an RMA number please make attention to that number on the outside of the package and ship to:

   Apogee Instruments
   721 W 1800 N
   Logan, UT 84321, USA

Please do not send any products back to Apogee Instruments until you have received a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from our tech support department.

Send all RMA sensors and meters back in their original, unmodified condition:

  • clean the sensor’s exterior and cord
  • do not modify the sensors or wires, including splicing, cutting wire leads, etc.
  • if a connector has been attached to the cable end, please include the mating connector – otherwise the sensor connector will be removed in order to complete the repair/recalibration

Failure to do the aforementioned may result in an additional service/repair fee prior to calibration. For questions, contact our Technical Support.



Recalibration Prices

Apogee Sensors   Price   Other Companies' Sensors   Price
Quantum Sensors $50 Quantum Sensors $70
Silicon-cell & SP-510 Thermopile Pyranometers Standard Calibration $50 Silicon-cell Pyranometers $70
Infrared Radiometers $100  
Spectroradiometers $100

ISO Thermopile Pyranometer Calibration Information and Pricing > (for Apogee SP-510 & other companies' classified pyranometers)


Return Shipping Cost

  Ground 3rd Day 2rd Day Next Day
USA $15.00 $25.00 $35.00 $45.00
  Standard Expedited Express  
Canada/Mexico $35.00 $45.00 $60.00  
All Other   $60.00 $75.00  

Repairs outside of the warranty period have a minimum charge of $50.


Use the form below to submit a return request.

If the form is not appearing on this page, you can access it here

Fill out my online form.

If you have questions or need additional support for any of our products, please contact Apogee tech support by email at

One of our support specialists will respond as soon as possible during business hours which are M-F 8AM - 5PM MST.