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Easy-to-use, cost-effective measurement with USB interface.


Wavelength Range Options
Two wavelength options are available: 340 to 820 nm (SS-110) and 635 to 1100 nm (SS-120).


Complete Package
Package includes spectroradiometer and cosine-corrected detector mounted in the housing, 180° FOV head, AL-200 bubble-level,USB cable for computer interface, USB drive with required drivers and software (Windows compatible, XP and later; Mac compatible, 10.10 and later), and carrying case.


Lab Measurements
Apogee Field Spectroradiometer used for lab measurements

Lighting quality is just as important as lighting quantity. In addition to measuring the total PPFD, the new Field Spectroradiometer splits light to individually measure each color intensity, or wavelength. Spectral output measurements can be used to maximize lighting efficiency, change the light characteristics to mimic seasonal changes, optimize visual appearance of displays, and many other applications.


Field of View Options
Three field of view (FOV) options are available: 180° (hemispherical FOV for measurement of incoming radiation, included), 150° (wide FOV for measurement of reflected radiation, AS-010 accessory), and 25° (narrow FOV for measurement of reflected radiation, AS-011 accessory).
Spec FOVs


Typical Applications
Measurement of: spectral output (energy flux density, photon flux density, or illuminance) of different radiation sources (often for plant or human lighting), reflectance and transmittance measurements of natural and synthetic surfaces and materials (often plant leaves and canopies), and absorptance measurements of chemical samples.


Warranty and Support
Backed by a 1 year warranty and outstanding customer support.


Mounting Accessories
Field Spectroradiometers Accessories from Apogee Instruments
The AM-110 Mounting Bracket facilitates mounting the AL-200 leveling plate to a mast or pipe. The bubble-level in the included AL-200 leveling plate makes mounting simple and accurate. The AS-012 Field Spec Upward Solar Shield is designed to protect the spec from solar radiation when mounted upward.
Angle-mounted: The AS-013 Angled Field Spec Mounting Bracket facilitates angled mounting of the field spec. The AS-014 Field Spec Angle-mounted Solar Shield protects the field spec from solar radiation when mounted at an angle.


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  Technical Information
Technical Information
Find knowledge base articles, manuals, FAQs, technical support, and more.
+ What type of spectroradiometer do I need?
The PS series are excellent for spot measurements in the lab or field. They can also be used for spot calculations on reflectance or transmittance. The SS series are designed for either spot measurements in a field or lab as well as long-term deployment in a field or lab for various light studies including reflectance and transmittance.
+ What is the spectral range of each spectroradiometer?

PS-100: 350 to 1000 nm

PS-200: 300 to 850 nm

PS-300: 300 to 1000 nm

SS-110: 340 to 820 nm

SS-120: 635 to 1100 nm

+ Are Apogee spectroradiometers waterproof?
PS Lab Series: No, however, the fiber optic sensor is waterproof. Some customers have used the fiber optic cable without the cosine corrected head to get light readings under water. It is not recommended to take readings under water with the cosine corrected head attached. This is because the sensor itself is calibrated with the head attached and readings taken without the head are uncalibrated.


SS Field Series: The SS Series spectroradiometer is fully weatherproof but it is not currently rated for submersion. The spectroradiometer was designed for long-term outdoor deployment in air.


spec sheets
Specification Sheets



Solar Spectrum   Reflectance Spectra



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