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Apogee Instruments' barometric pressure sensors are accurate, stable, and durable, at an affordable cost.


High Accuracy and Stability
Accurate within 1.5 % across a pressure range of 15 to 115 kPa (4.43 to 34.96 in Hg). Long-term non-stability has been measured continuously indoors and in natural conditions (with sensors mounted inside a datalogger enclosure) for multiple sensors and is less than 0.5 % per year. Temperature effects on signal are less than 1 % across a wide temperature range (-20 to 50 C).


Low Power, Large Signal
Pressure sensor power requirement is approximately 35 mW (7 mA current drain at 5 V DC). Voltage output ranges from 0 to 5 V DC for a pressure range of 15 to 115 kPa.


Wide Operating Range
Operating environment for sensors is -40 to 80 C and 0 to 100 % RH (non-condensing).


Typical Applications
Barometric pressure sensor applications include pressure measurement in weather networks, often for weather forecasting. They can also be used to correct the output of sensors that are sensitive to pressure changes (for example, Apogee oxygen sensors).

Small Size
Sensor is small and lightweight (16 mm diameter, 5 gram mass), facilitating easy deployment within a datalogger enclosure that keeps the sensor shields from solar radiation and precipitation.

Warranty and Support
All Apogee products are backed by an industry-leading four year warranty and outstanding customer support.


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  Technical Information
Technical Information
Find knowledge base articles, manuals, FAQs, technical support, and more.
+ What measurement devices are compatible with the SB-100?
A compatible measurement device should have resolution of at least 0.459 mV (0.01 kPa). Compatible measurement device should also have a full scale range spanning the sensor signal output range or 100 to 480 mV.
+ What is the output of the SB-100 sensor?
The output range is 0 to 5 V, which corresponds to 15 to 115 kPa.
+ What is the warmup time of the SB-100?
20 ms
+ How do I mount my SB-100 Barometric Pressure sensor?
SB-100 barometric pressure sensors are designed to be mounted inside the datalogger enclosure, where they are protected from the elements, specifically precipitation, condensation, and dynamic pressure caused by wind. The datalogger enclosure should not be air tight, as the pressure sensor must be exposed to an environment where the pressure varies with ambient pressure. As a result, vent holes in the enclosure are required and should be in the bottom of the enclosure to minimize the impact of dynamic pressure caused by wind.
+ Can I add cable to the sensor?
Yes, if properly spliced, the signal from the sensor is not affected by splicing on additional cable. Please check the Owner's Manual for details and limitations on adding cable. For information on how to create a proper waterproof splice, please visit our instructional webpage or watch our video. Additionally, we offer custom cable lengths of our high quality cable at the time of purchase.

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